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Blue card car is violated compasses is appropriative train car
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The car is in charge of a branch to express, drive school coach car to must have yellow to learn a card, will be punished otherwise
"Car of train of blue license plate, violate compasses groom on highway student. " recently, the Zhou Ming that lives in river north area (alias) to our newspaper the newspaper expects, drive normally corrective sufferring " blue bow wave " , some do not have those who drive school qualification " drive school " , recruit student publicly socially, regard car of blue license plate as train car is used, taking student start off to groom road-sense.
Newspaper stuff
Drive officer market good and evil people mixed up
" administration of traffic of Chongqing town road punishs byelaw " specific provision, not explain ask advice drills plate is on road of the city zone undertake driving of the coach, motor vehicle drives personnel should is in 200 yuan of above 300 yuan of the following amerce. Yellow learns a card, it is the mark that drives school coach car.
Zhou Ming says, get on the train car of travel in highway at present, have car of blue license plate already (local license plate) , again yellow learns card car. Some driving school only a yellow learns card train car, but the others is car of train of blue license plate completely; Some driving school it is to learn a card together a few cars are used; Some driving school learn card car without a yellow, regard car of blue license plate as all the same train car. Build in river north new the road has a phoenix to drive on the west school, having 4 trains car is blue license plate.
Dark visit
Car of blue license plate attends road take an examination ofing
The reporter is dark visit discovery, go up to Xi Peng's highway in white city post, in entering 20 trains car that check, car of blue license plate has 12. Tagging apparently on end of the door of cars of some blue license plate, car such-and-such drive school model of written characters.
Make train car belong to the same organization to blue card car, phoenix drives President He of officer total officer to say, they do not have car of train of license plate of a blue. Car of blue card train is popular, it is to drive officer market at present a common phenomenon. Build new the phoenix of the road is driven on the west school groom be them ministry. What they already made application report to car canal, strive for can take yellow to learn a card at an early date. If the car is in charge of place to be not approved, they will enjoin groom the ministry changes car of blue license plate use, do not allow car of license plate of a blue to exist absolutely.
The interest is driven violate compasses operation
River north Ou Mou drives the controller of school Mr Zhang says, drive the train car of school to want to obtain learn a card, must be new car. He calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: Drive normally school should have a yellow to learn card car (Sangdana) , want to cost more than yuan 10 at least, include to do yellow to learn the car price of the charge of the card and new car among them. However, cars of those train of blue license plate, often be secondhand old car, the expenditure of every car is in 30 thousand yuan two. Grooming consequently always is lower than driving the car of maize license plate of school to want normally on the price 559 yuan.
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