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"Sign up at once, otherwise holiday ended you to also do not get on a car. " these two days, want to use summer vacation to drive school " off-season " surname classmate is in the Fudan University king that learns a car to be driven to much home recently school such urging often is heard when seeking advice. And she discovers, majority is driven school quote learning a car insists 5000 yuan of above. The personage inside travel is analysed, according to " drive earth up " new outline, highway code (course one) brought into formally draw range of school teacher and student, cycle learning a car spins, add what student of summer vacation time learns car a group of things with common features to swarm into, expectation of many the person that learn a car are off-season hit the will that lose to come to nothing finally.

Learn car current situation

Prices is hot and tuitional strong

The last summer vacation time before Wang Tongxue hopes to take the advantage of to apply for a job will drive " " take in one's hand, and hear of summer the sun basks in as it happens is fall after a rise of price learning a car is off-season, then these two days are driven to much home school the price that make visit. Ask ability knows, many driving check cue already made an appointment since the platoon, even if sign up to also want a month now rear can " get on a car " .

The reporter is with learning Sangdana yesterday exemple call this city to be driven many times school, experience this summer to learn a car as expected of different common " heat " : Tong Yongping day shift 5100 yuan, double cease class 5300 yuan; The bus is ferial double rest to all be 5200 yuan; Rong Chen is 5300 yuan; Bright and beautiful river is ferial 5200 yuan, double resting is to be as high as 5600 yuan more. Almost all quote, with this year 3 - the season price May equallies matched. And many driving school already " the person is completely suffer from " .

Hot reason

Cycle spins the student is added lukewarm

The car learning below burning sun is a drudgery, why to still have riveting of so much person sufficient strong " add trouble to " ? Driver of city motor vehicle grooms guild expert gives out the answer: Learn a car to spin periodicly caused increase of number learning a car " false appearance " . Carried out on April 1 this year " new outline " and " protestant material " , the education that makes clear highway code among them (namely course one) must by drive school is responsible, and this one task before this need not be driven school finish, this " eat into " after highway code grooms, a student learns " dispatch troops " time from about two former half moon, increase to 3 months left and right sides, this makes the discharge that draws school student is restricted, cause appearance queueing up finally. Predict till June bottom, still have many driving school in " digest " provoked the student that receive April.
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