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"Had protected " drive school is crash study class college drills car a group of
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Our newspaper Changchun on June 15 report (Peng Bing of Shen Qian's reporter) the campus austral proximate Jilin university, one is driven school, will learn a car to here, 7 becoming above is an undergraduate. "Drive school office to be near the university, was certain namely undergraduate this market, look now as expected right. " drive school chief says smilingly. Circling this campus to turn circuit, reporter discovery, drive with what the undergraduate is main student so school have 7 actually.

Reporter from " Jilin university signs up for " understanding arrives, the campus investigation that has according to its shows, the student of 6% already obtained a driver's license, the hope of 88% learns a car, among them the undergraduate of 44% hopes to be during school driver's license of pass an entrance examination. Press this scale computative, the campus of a 20 thousand people, every year at least can many 8000 undergraduate is swarmed into drive school.

So giant market vacuum, size drives school nature to come in great numbers, they distributing to go up in each azimuth of university periphery, in intense student contention battle, take driving sale offensive severally " hook in " passenger source, each favourable measure publicizes scroll to be seen in the everywhere in campus, among them the markeddest no more than " had protected " , " crash " wait for kind of word.

The reporter tries to locate sth by following up a clue, find " had protected " drive school, here staff member is being immersed oneself in register, many college somebody new to a job take money to waiting to sign up, and outside the door, still have an undergraduate in succession from drive school is free receive sent regular bus to go up. Right now, the reporter hears an undergraduate and the conversation that drive gyp to make staff:

Undergraduate: "I am graduate, want to work to the other place as soon as possible, can you obtain a driver's license quickly? "

Staff member: "Normal 45 days are controlled. We can consider your case, think way to you. "

Undergraduate: "Check-up, written examination, if I do not have time, how to do? "

Staff member: "We unite check-up deal with, you need not come; Written examination yourself reads a book, will take an examination of go, we had been protected; Picket take an examination ofing and road try, in us the school is very simple also. "

The undergraduate is hesitant: "Such travel, what effect can you have? "

Drive gyp to make personnel laugh: "You are an undergraduate, theory looked to be met, the body also won't have what problem. As to study time length, by yourself decision, like you this is planted circumstance, choose us to drive school is right. "

The undergraduate hesitates no longer: "Good, then you tell me need what certificate... "

The reporter understands in subsequently investigation, this is driven of school " had protected " not be to deceive people really, zhao Tongxue tells graduate student of auspicious old business school the reporter: "This is driven school is quite good, I did not learn how long, obtained a driver's license very smoothly, formalities is to drive school is responsible those who do. " should ask about now whether dare when start off, she laughed: "The undergraduate is more ' a group of things with common features ' , drilled a car, had not gone up pass by, taking the advantage of namely take driver's license provision to wear first when school, when later the car leaves, say again! "
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